The EDGE Escape Octo delivers all the performance found in our popular pnuematically balanced EXP 2nd stage. The diver adjustable pre dive/dive selector allows for quick and easy tuning of the regulator for maximum air flow when in use but slight detuning for when it is not in use. The lightweight hign impact case, plastic air barrel, and high visibility yellow nylon braided 40in hose all make this octopus easy and comfortable to share air with, yet light enough to almost be forgetten by the diver carrying it clipped to them. The high visibility yellow soft push front purge button means the Escape octo is easy to see and locate and more importantly easy to clear when you need that next breath of air in an emergency. The EDGE Escape octo is our highest performning conventional safe second and our recomendation for maximum diving comfort and safety.



he EGRESS Inflator/Octopus Combination Unit is the simplest and easiest way to streamline your diving equipment while potentsilly improving diver safety and functionality. The EGRESS alllows the diver to eliminate a long hose that can often cause entanglement, damage to the underwater environment, and general clutter on the divers front. In addition it can be argued that the EGRESS is more easily found by a diver in an emergency situation because they are handling it with every bouyancy change on every dive, thus they will have more muscle memory development  to assist in location it. The EGRESS utilizes a basic downstream unbalanced regulator design to reliably and eaisly provide all the air a diver might need for inflation of their BCD, breathing in an emergency, or even both at the same time.