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  • The Analyzer He/O2 is accurate and precision apparatus for measuring oxygen, nitrogen and helium concentration in diving breathing mixtures. It is a necessary assistant for technical divers who use nitrox and trimix mixtures.

    DIVESOFT analyzer is characterized by high precision and reliability through innovative solutions of helium content measurement. This technology works on the principle of the speed of sound and is developed and patented by DIVESOFT. Because it is never a need to change the helium sensor, as is the case with other analyzers.

    Another advantage DIVESOFT analyzer is the number of features and accessories. Analyzers have built-in calculator for mixing gases, it can be connected to the compressor to monitor oxygen concentration during continuous filling with warning alarms (can also be wired relay automatically turns off the compressor when critical values), and plug-in modules can measure voltage and resistance. This is especially useful for determining the state of charge of diving lamps and scooters respectively state bulbs / lamps.

    The analyzer can detect a faulty air if it is a hypoxic mixture with nitrogen and other inert gas is not present. This feature represents a major safety advantage over other analyzers in the world market.

    Standard electrochemical oxygen sensor is used for oxygen content measurement. The content of helium is measured by speed of sound. Each gas has different spread of sound because his density. The device generates sounds (knocking) and they go thru labyrinth and there are caught with sensitive microphone. The accuracy is +/- 1%.

    The Analyzer has many sophisticated features, nevertheless control is easy and intuitive. Mount one of flow limiters on valve, switch the analyzer on and oxygen and helium content appears.


    OLED display
    Durable aluminum body
    Plug-in connector
    USB connector


    instant MOD and END calculation for measured gas
    faulty air attention
    built-in mixing calculators
    Continuous mixing mode with alert and switching off relay possibility for high pressure compressors during continuous gas blending
    Gas purity mode for argon measurement.
    Atmospheric pressure and temperature detection – recalibration after altitude and temperature change not necessary
    PC connectible – measured data recording

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